Contract and Guarantee

$200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required

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Health & Disposition Guarantee for

Karen’s Honey Doodles

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  1. The purchased Karen’s Honey Doodles puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale and buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 1 week of possession of said puppy at buyer’s expense.  Buyer further agrees to return a signed copy of the veterinary statement from the initial examination to Karen’s Honey Doodles.  Failure to return this veterinary statement will automatically void the guarantee and release the breeder from all contractual obligations.
  2. Above described dog/puppy will have a “good disposition” … meaning the dog will be teachable, bondable, free of excess timidity, free of excess aggression, is not dangerous in nature, as befits the breed.  A protective attitude is acceptable and does not necessarily indicate a dangerous nature.  NO Cash refunds… guarantee is for replacement of dog of equal value if deemed necessary.
  3. Karen’s Honey Doodles guarantees that the puppy is free of serious, life threatening genetic defects for 2 (two) years from the dog’s date of birth. Immunizations and worming will be age appropriate and up to date.  Health records will accompany new dog/puppy.  Health findings must be submitted to seller by a DVM via written statement and /or laboratory reports.  Seller reserves the right to have the named dog examined by a DVM of their choosing.  This guarantee is for replacement of dog/puppy of approximate equal value.  Absolutely NO CASH REFUNDS and no veterinary costs will be refunded to buyer.  Should your puppy get Hip Dysphasia and the vet contributes this to the dog becoming overweight, the guarantee will be null and void.


Exceptions:  the following common conditions do not necessarily constitute an unhealthy dog and are easily treated:

  1. Yeast in ears
  2. Weeping eyes (not red)
  3. Transient diarrhea and digestive upsets
  4. Mild flaky skin
  5. Mild fecal parasites – coccidiosis, giardia or any other parasites, as they are common in dogs and puppies
  6. Hypoglycemia
  7. Kennel Cough


  1. This guarantee only applies to the original buyer of said dog, and is not transferable to another owner.


  1. In the event the buyer wants to sell the dog, Seller has first option but is not obligated to buy the dog back for the original price or less.


Required of the Buyer in order to make the above guarantee valid.

  1. Obedience classes before the dog is 12 months old or within 6 months of the date of possession of said dog.  Obedience training by a qualified trainer is recommended to ensure your dog’s behavior and control is suitable to the breed.  Documentation to be sent to Seller upon completion.
  2. Well puppy/dog check by a licensed veterinarian within 1 week of purchase/possession
  3. Current immunizations and vet check by a licensed veterinarian on a yearly basis
  4. Buyer agrees that dog will be a house dog
  5. Buyer agrees to contact seller if dog is to be sold, given away or disposed of in any way, Seller has first option but is not obligated to buy the dog back for the original price or less.
  6. Buyer agrees to notify seller of ANY problems with health or disposition of dog, immediately, in order to help problem solve.
  7. Buyer agrees to have puppies neutered or spayed at appropriate age – preferably before they turn one year old. A copy of the spay or neuter certificate should be send to the seller.  This item can be discussed at time of purchase.


Required of Seller


  1. Immunizations and worming up to date and record of dates and any medical interventions
  2. Access to seller via phone or email or postal service at any time during lifetime of said dog
  3. Invitation upon request to visit sellers home, view dogs and their environment – please call for appointment to visit
  4. If circumstances should force the sale or disposal of said dog, Buyer agrees to contact seller if dog is to be sold, given away or disposed of in any way.     Seller has first option but is not obligated to buy the dog back for the original price or less.
  5. Seller will help find suitable home for dog if buyer is unable, due to illness, death or extenuating circumstances.
  6. Concern and interest lasts for the lifetime of the dog
  7. Seller does not guarantee size, color or coat of Puppy.

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